Friday, September 09, 2011

Want to rent a flat in paradise?

A couple of friends of mine are looking for a third Catholic man, (student), to fill up the room in their new flat,

in this building,

with this view.

One of the rooms.

Rent is cheap, people are nice, location is perfect.

Send an email if you have just arrived in Rome to study and have discovered that your assigned roommate is a cannibal who likes to practise his yodelling skills at three am.

(Or, just if the shine has worn off Rome and you'd like a quiet affordable place to study. Close to trains, shops and nice new friends.)



Trish B said...

I am drooling... are you absolutely *sure* they won't allow a small family to occupy that room??? ;o)

Teresa B. said...

That is so cool! Oh to be a single young male with money to fly to Rome! I wonder if they will notice if I put on a suit and mustache and slick my hair back and fly over with the help of my husband's Mastercard.

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