Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I missed this year's Gardone conference

...for chemo

For frick-ing CHEMO!!

Am I mad? Am I annoyed by this?

Why yes.

Yes, I am.

The lectures. At most conferences, the lecture periods are the times when I normally pull (grateful) conferees out of the hall to be interviewed. Which works out for everyone, really.

At Gardone, I go to the lectures.

Incredible, huh?

Sign up
. Save up. Seriously, it's worth every nickel. You won't have a better holiday anywhere.



Anonymous said...

Dale Ahlquist! I shared a cup of coffee with Dale in my parish basement last winter. We talked for a half hour or so. What a nice guy. I still have his business card.

Small world, Hilary. Small world.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Dale's a scream. And he took the ribbing from the Trads over his steadfast adherence to neo-conism very manfully.

Teresa B. said...

My husband would have loved to go to something like that. He could take his stinkin' GK pipe with him.
It does sound very interesting.