Friday, September 09, 2011

See those big guys carrying that dead priest out of the rubble of the Twin Towers? The firemen, cops and paramedics, right?

Apparently they're not invited to the 9-11 Memorial service. "Not enough room" for them.

Neither are any priests.

“It’s a civil ceremony. There are plenty of opportunities for people to have their religious ceremonies,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show...“If you want to have a service for your religion, you can have it in your church or in a field, or whatever.”

Yeah, really not making this one up.

Deal Hudson writes:
One cannot help but contrast this decision with the actions and behavior of civic leaders in the immediate aftermath of the attack. A comparison of the differing impulses and decisions of representative politicians and media then and now offers a compelling and frankly discouraging perspective on how secularism and anti-traditionalism have become embedded in the politics of the northeastern states in the past ten years.


You will notice... in a circumstance involving not Islam but (primarily) Christianity and Judaism, the mayor is telling people how they can and can’t pray, and where they can or can’t pray. Isn’t this, in the mayor’s own terms, a blatant violation of first Amendment freedoms? To answer in part, one must realize that to the secular elite all religions are not equal and thus are not all entitled to equal treatment, the Constitution be damned. Such obvious and verifiable hypocrisy from such an intelligent man points us once again to a deeper meaning and deeper motive for the decision on the Memorial prayers and clergy.

Why don't you write and tell Mr. Bloomberg how you feel about that decision.

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Anonymous said...

Contrast this with the mayor's impassioned defense of the "mosque at ground zero" (actually a block or two north but still in a building damaged by the events on Sept. 11) and of the sponsor's insistence that they be permitted to build it there...

While giving the speech linked above, "Mayor Mike" concluded with the following, as he spoke, also, blocks from what to me will always be the site of the World Trade Center:

"Political controversies come and go, but our values and our traditions endure – and there is no neighborhood in this City that is off limits to God's love and mercy, as the religious leaders here with us today can attest."

(I think God's mercy extends to New Jersey and Connecticut too but I guess I'll have to go to to find out.)

Continued prayers for your improving health Hilary.


Teresa B. said...

In the nicest way I can say this - he is an IDIOT!

Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Hilary Jane!

I did as you suggested amd used the link you provided to send Bloomberg an email of protest. It won't stop idiot liberals like him, but it might make them sweat a bit.

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Steve T. said...

The big guys carrying Father Judge:

55-year-old Firefighter Christian Waugh, who retired two weeks after 9/11; William Cosgrove, then a NYPD lieutenant in the Manhattan Traffic Task Force; Zachary Vause, a NYC fireman with Engine Co. 21, who was detached from his temporary unit that morning; Kevin Allen, of the Office of Emergency Management, who says he joined up with them outside later; and John Maguire, a Goldman Sachs employee who had come over from Wall Street to lend a hand.

Martial Artist said...

Here is what I wrote to the Mayor:

"Dear Mayor Bloomberg, With respect to your exclusion of religious leaders from yesterdays ceremonies, allow me to express my disappointment. I am, quite frankly, amazed at the uncharitable nature of your decision, as though our Constitution forbade the participation of people of faith in public memorial ceremonies.When they come for the secularists, who will be left to speak up. Shalom."

Keith Töpfer