Thursday, September 08, 2011

Chemo Observations I

One of the ten thousand weird (awful) little things that no one tells you ahead of time about chemo is that it can put you off sweets.

When I came home, everything tasted horribly of chemo drugs and a whiff of chemo-drug-smell was enough to start me retching. So I wasn't too keen on eating anything and even had to have water be either extremely cold, fizzy or flavoured with lemon to keep it down. Anything else that went in there was just going to come right on out again like it hit a trampoline in my stomach.

It took a couple of days for the everything-tastes-like-deadly-chemical-toxins stage to wear off and in the meantime, my lovely friend Sarah, thinking I would need both cheering up and nice things to nibble on, bought me a stack of my (formerly) favourite chockies: dark, semi-sweet with toasted hazelnuts.

It's been a week, and my appetite is bouncing back amazingly, with me wolfing down a particularly tender rare steak with mushrooms and onions this evening for dinner. I am still waiting for any interest to generate in my mouth for chocolate, however. Every now and then I think, "Hmmm... maybe a nice chockie?"


Sarah also bought me a little tub of hazelnut chocolate thingies wrapped in silver foil and everyone else has been having a few. This evening, I tried a couple to see and I'm afraid they were met with indifference.

Has chemo finally cured me of my chocolate thing?


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