Thursday, September 08, 2011

Started a new project - another still life

Sadly, it won't look a thing like this.

But I thought the subject looked good.

Took a bunch of photos of the final set-up so I can keep track of progress. The positioning, draping, lighting and backgrounding took most of the evening. What doesn't come out in the photos is the carved rosewood screen in the background that really adds a layer of warmth. I draped it with black behind to cut down on shadows. Now I have to figure out just where to put the easel to get the best possible angle.

I'm planning on letting this one take as long as it takes. The only trouble is that it takes up nearly all the dining room table.

Pull the camera back and it's like a movie set, lots of mess and very little drama. And every last thing is marked with masking tape where it is supposed to go, the chair, the easel, the drapery, the screen. NOTHING moves. And it has to sit like this until it's done. Beginning to think I need a studio.

I know, there are readers out there who know that I've not finished the last one, but I've got an excuse. It's hard for me to stand long enough to get any work done on Mr. Man,. I was working on Michelangelo's oddly proportioned nude study today, chivvying away on the left hand again. I had to stop when I realised I was getting dizzy whilst standing on a chair.

I am setting up Still Life with Dramatic Tea Pot so I can work on it sitting down.


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Teresa B. said...

What is that thing beside the teapot?
Love that teeapot!
Looking forward to the end result.