Monday, May 02, 2011

Where's Dorothy?

I'm starting to worry. Her flight was supposed to have landed at ten this morning. It's now after 5:30 and no word from her.



berenike said...

if it's the flight I suppose it to have been, it arrived four minutes early.


hope she's okay :/ :/ :/

John said...

Well, there have been an unusually number of twisters around here lately. Hope she knows about tapping her heels...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

We found her.

Unknown said...

Thank goodness! When are you going to give us more on what some were Tweeting had to do with regulating the blogs?

Mrs McLean said...

I was carried off from St. Peter's Square at about noon by a Polish fan and taken away by cab to lunch in Vatican City's Bonus Pastor. The risotto was to die for.

Eventually I figured out how to call Italian phone numbers. 00 first. Who knew?