Friday, May 27, 2011

Because it's Friday

and I seem to be in a black eye-liner sort of mood.

Here's another good one...

Man! that's some BIG hair!



Gregory said...

One of Robert's best things ever!

df said...

The Cure on Friday; Friday I'm in love!
Bet Winnie likes them too.

Anonymous said...

I drove two hours with some acquaintances who were more "alternative" and "Goth" than I was (but who didn't have a car), to see The Cure in concert in 1987 (the Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me tour). I enjoyed it, especially Robert Smith's guitar playing. But I think we certainly listened to the Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa and Steve Vai on the way home, though.

I always loved "In Between Days" too. Melody is a good thing. Thanks for the videos.