Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For the nerd who has everything

NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter

Someone, I won't say who, told me recently that he reads everything of mine except the Star Trek posts.

I mean really! Young people these days!



Fr. T. said...

Since we are in a confessing mood...I don't read the ST posts either. I'm trying to figure out why I have no interest in ST, for certainly I spent (note: spent, not misspent)much of my childhood watching TV. I think there must have been something on opposite Star Trek that I preferred---I Spy? Mission Impossible? Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? Lost in Space? And....are you ready for this ... I haven't actually seen a single issue of Star Trek, or any of the movies. There. I've said it. Can I stay? I know what you mean about the younger generation though. When I'm marking papers, if the logic or syntax is at the danger point of breaking down utterly, I will write in margin, "Danger Will Robinson", which they don't ever seem to get.

BillyHW said...

I love your Star Trek posts, Hilary.

hjw said...

Mission Impossible came after ST on British Columbia television in the 70s.

HJW said...

It's a duty for all young people to learn the correct verse-and-response to all pop culture references since the 1960s. They are otherwise simply cultural illiterates.

That is what God gave us YouTube for, after all.

Though I had noted that your seminarians tend to be a little on the straight-laced side, which seems also to be a young-person thing among conservatives. They'll loosen up eventually, but until then, I'm afraid I find most of them insufferable.

Sarah was quite tolerable company, but only after I had given her strict instructions never to talk a lot of God-talk to me.

Mrs McLean said...

Awesome pizza cutter.

And I have been watching Sheldon's show, so I now understand your interest in him.