Friday, May 20, 2011

They're sending me home today

so I'm attempting to adjust back to life in the outside world (where no one brings you a giant bowl of tea in bed every morning :< boo) by watching kitten videos on YouTube.

I've had a lot of cats throughout my life, and they've all had their own personal food-quirk. I had a cat once who would go nuts over honeydew melon. If you were eating some, you had to eat it fast or she would try to steal the bits off your spoon before you could get it to your mouth.

Winnie likes toast and potato chips, but she won't eat the latter unless you crush them up into little bits.


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Liz said...

my nearly two year old granddaughter is seriously addicted to the kitten videos. She particularly likes the one that has cats jumping on kids and chasing a bear.