Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the spring of 1977

I was eleven years old and visiting my grandparents near Washington DC. I saw the ad on the TV for this new movie coming out that summer. My aunt saw the ad while I was watching it and said, "Boy, that looks like the movie for you."

That was 34 fricken' years ago!


I'd just like to say, that in 1977, we knew what the title of this movie was. It was "Star Wars".

It was not "Episode 4".

It was not "A New Hope".

It was "Star Wars".

And even though I am now old, I would LOVE to play any simulator video game of the tie fighter attack. Even if it means I have to go to San Diego to do it. Seriously.

This one was pretty good too

And quite frankly, Wedge Antilles (yes, I know his surname) is the real unsung hero of the Alliance.

He's the guy who got the first shot at the Death Star II. And Wiki says he's "also notable for being the only Rebel pilot to have survived both Death Stars in combat".

BTW: I need an Imperial Walker.

I really, REALLY do.



Aaron Traas said...

"And quite frankly, Wedge Antilles (yes, I know his surname) is the real unsung hero of the Alliance."

Are you sure you're a girl? You know way too much about cool things to be a girl.

That being said, you're right about Wedge -- he's the man!

28 years later, Return of the Jedi still has the best space battle of all time. It is so, so, SO amazingly cool. What's really amazing about it was how well they communicated the scale of the battle -- the size of the Super Star Destroyers in relation to the standard Star Destroyers and other capital ships, and then that scene where the SSD crashes into the death star. Just simply massive scale. The camera work for the whole thing was superb.

Tom Ryan said...

Lucas would admit that the British WWII film Dambusters provided the inspiration for the Death Star scene.


The non-US DVD version contains a few extra minutes because the squadron's mascot , a black lab, answers to a now unmentionable name.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


last time I checked, only girls get cervical cancer.

Angela said...

Do you read any of the Star Wars books? The X- Wing Squadron series stars Wedge, and there's a minimum of whiny Luke. Almost a complete absence, if I remember correctly.