Friday, May 27, 2011

Found the cake...

I've found the cake.

And there's a whole universe of (frankly gorgeous!) Goth wedding dresses out there. (In fact, I think there are wedding planners that specialise.)

Now, can someone please propose to me, so I can start getting my plans together for the perfect Addams Family wedding?

Luuu-Huuuuve this one!

Or, come to think of it, I could just start planning a Hallow'een party...


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Steve T. said...

Sorry! Unfortunately, I'm geographically undesirable. Besides, I am much more of a steampunk than a Goth.

John Zmirak, whose acerbic wit matches your own (a rare achievement, by the by) has this to say:

"I grew up loving The Addams Family, without knowing quite why, until one day as an adult I realized: These people are an aristocratic, trad-Catholic homeschooling family trapped in a sterile Protestant suburb! Shunning the utilitarianism and conformity that surrounds them, they face the Grim Reaper with rueful good cheer, in a Gothic home stock full of relics. Indeed, I think I might have spotted several Addamses at the indult parish in New York City..."

Clearly, he is correct. I've seen the same Addamses at the same indult parish.