Thursday, July 22, 2010

Palate cleanser


Ok, this is what it's actually supposed to sound like.

To help you get the bad notes out of your head.



Giancarlo said...

To say that Bocelli can-t hold a note is absurd. This is also not the best of Pavarotti-s performances. Notice too that the critical B note in the final cadence is held for 8 seconds by Bocelli and only 5 by Pavarotti. It is true that Pavarotti-s voice in the 80 s was superb and that Bocelli is merely a competent singer with a good voice.

Zarathustra said...

I once had a dream in which Pavarotti joined myself and a few friends for a picnic on a lawn beside a pub in Dublin, during which he sang Nessun Dorma for us. It was perhaps the greatest dream of my life.

Zarathustra said...

Zarathustra = John Jalsevac. It just showed up that way automatically.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

That sounds like an absolutely amazingly great dream.