Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Oecumenical Spirit


As we all know, it's not "a liturgy" without

Creepy Giant Puppets!

While the purpose of the meso-American theme in the procession in the video above remains obscure (it was a meeting of Presbyterians in Minneapolis) it reminded me of a comment some years ago by an homosexualist activist who had come to a talk in Toronto by Peter Kreeft to confront him on his dastardly intolerance.

The good doctor had told us of the peaceful animist religious beliefs blood sacrifices of the ancient Mexicans, in which hundreds of thousands were killed by having their hearts ripped out and their heads cut off.

Our young friend in the pink feather boa responded,

"Well, that could be a beautiful ritual too..."

Those wicked Conquistadors!



PiusLad said...

"Well, that could be a beautiful ritual too..."

C'mon, now. We know you'd prefer a good pagan virgin sacrifice to a typical Novus Ordo...


Young fogey emeritus said...

This one's making the rounds of the conservative blogosphere; I gather I'm expected to hate it.

But unlike some dumb guitar Mass it shows artistic talent and I like Andean flutes. It's obviously partly imitating South American Catholic processions.

That said, yes, when whitebread liberal Protestants try to steal that for their own purposes, it comes off as silly and contrived.

And yes, when real minorities don't go to your church - instead being in real village church festivals or at black Pentecostal churches that teach homosexuality is a sin - overcompensate with big ethnic-looking puppets.

Of course I like the YouTube of the nice Byelorussian Orthodox priest telling them off about homosexuality.

Not that they took him seriously. Just exotic ecumenical window dressing that talks (Latka voice: ‘Thank you veddy much!’) as far as they’re concerned.

- John