Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Home home homity home.

Got in about 11:30 last night. The cat was sitting on the bed, staring at the door, daring it to be my friend who was flat and cat sitting. She had a most comical expression of surprise when it turned out to be me.

It is indeed the second half of July, and now is the time when we go down into and must traverse the dark valley that is the Italian summer. Daily 35 degrees centigrade and 110% humidity from now until early September.

It is slightly nicer in Santa Mar than Rome right now, but not by a lot. And that slightly better is mostly to do with the flowers and twittering birdies and the non-Romeness of it. Got off the traino last night, after Trenitalia had spent the day trying to kill me, and thought again, "Oh. Hello. Rest. Of. Italy." Got off the train in Santa Mar and looked around at the cracked asphalt, the garbage strewn streets, the graffiti...

and thought of Gardone. Gardone which is starting to glow in my mind with an unearthly New-Jerusalemy radiance.

Nice to be home though. Funny thing, that.

Winnie was very surprised and pleased to see me. She followed me around the apartment as I was putting things away and puttering around last night.

Then she spent the whole night making sure I wouldn't try to escape again.

"Wake up monkey!" "Pet me now monkey!" "It's only three in the morning for monkeys. For cats its Pet Me Now Time!"


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