Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm annoyed

I lost my hat.

A really good hat.

Left it on the train from Milan after Trenitalia had spent the day trying to put me in an insane asylum. I really want it back. So much that I've been considering actually calling the Trenitalia customer service line.

But I'm afraid. It's Italy. I don't know what happens to people who call customer service numbers. It could work out. I could even, possibly, get my hat back.

But you never know. Maybe calling a customer service number results in a crack team of commandos breaking feet first into your apartment windows and taking you away to a dark room in an unknown building somewhere.

But it was a really good hat.

Hmmm... tough call.


df said...

Left a lovely new suit on an Italian train 9 years ago - called up the customer services helpline... still waiting.

acbellon said...

An old Jewish man in NYC told me once never to buy straw hats in the summer.