Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow! It's snowing! Here, in Rome!



Do I remember reading in H.V. Morton (or somewhere) that when it snows in Rome you're supposed to go to the Pantheon?

I was still on the train, so I missed my window. But is there some legend attached to snow and the Pantheon? I can't remember what Morton said.



Anonymous said...

Global warming. At least still in Toronto--always politically correct.

df said...

Morton, p.291 says:

"The sight of snow in the Pantheon must be even stranger [than that of rain], and perhaps this may have suggested to the poetic imagination of the Middle Ages the custom of showering down white rose-petals at Pentecost, while the Pope officiated, as a symbol of the descent of the Holy Spirit."

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hilary!

I live in the People's Republic of Taxachusetts, USA. So, I'm all TOO familiar with snow, including blizzards. Altho, mercifully, not too much snow here so far (let the DC area have our kind of weather for once!).

Candidly, the idea of living year around in a place with mild weather is attractive! Rome comes to minid. So, the sight of snow in Rome and at the Vatican was PIQUANT.

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Fr. T. Trottier said...

Snow and Santa Maria Maggiore, perhaps, but that was in an August long ago.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

"year around in a place with mild weather"

You may have noticed my posts last summer, when it was 98 degrees EVERY SINGLE DAY between June 1st and September 15.


Mild would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hilary Jane!

Ha ha!!! Good point you made about excessively hot summer weather in Rome. But even that sounds good if you are suffering thru the worst kind of Taxachusettan ice box weather in winter.

But, I was also thinking of HAWAIIAN weather. Because of the sea winds, it's not TOO hot there even in July. Oh, yes, I have family in Hawaii too! (Smiles smugly)

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks