Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"It’s pulling the dead from the sea that’s the worst part of the job"

because it's usually the kids who drown.

"Everyone wants to get to Britain. It's the best place... All Afghans have heard the stories of people getting support from your government. I know the tricks now"

...But hey, look on the bright side. The good news is that they often make it all the way to Britain, where they get a fridge full of welfare benefits and the "right" to bring all 50 of their relatives after them.

The Mail piece was long and very interesting. But I wonder if anyone has figured out what the implications are.

These people are crossing continents and getting killed (a lot) because the word has gone out that the British are a soft touch.

Has it occurred to anyone that, because not everyone in the world is all full of sweetness and light, particularly not the traffickers who are making a mint on this new entrepreneurial growth opportunity, that it is the very softy-toffee, morally indignant patsies pressing for more immigration and more benefits for refugees, who are ultimately responsible for this unholy trade?

The soft-headed, warm and snuggly left-liberal approach to immigration and "asylum seekers" is getting people killed.

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