Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reality Strikes Back

The Honeymoon from hell, says Paul Belien, is what Europia is experiencing not a hundred days since the signing of the Lisbon Treaty.

Sooooo, Eurocrats, how's that New World Order thingy working out for ye?
At this point Europe is not even halfway its 100-day political “honeymoon” since the Treaty of Lisbon, which transformed the EU into a state in its own right, came into force. So far the honeymoon has been a nightmare. Since the beginning of the year, the EU’s currency, the euro, is on the brink of collapse; Greece has been placed under EU financial supervision to prevent it from going bankrupt. Now U.S. President Barack Obama has announced that he will not attend next May’s EU summit in Madrid. It was to have been Obama’s first visit to post-Lisbon Europe – the consecration of the new political order.

The European Union is built on Fantasy, and mean old Reality is barging in like vice cops in an opium den.


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