Monday, February 15, 2010

A Better Lizard

Rees-Mogg has a go at the polls.

The majority blame Labour for the state of the nation. Indeed, only 16 per cent expect Labour to gain an overall majority at the next Election. In elections, what the majority expects, the majority usually gets. On the other hand, the Conservatives do not seem to be as strong as Labour is weak.

The majority blame Labour, but that is because the majority think that the parties are fundamentally different. They also can't understand politics in anything but party terms. That there are larger political movements that carry everything, including opposing parties, along with it like shifts in political tectonic plates, seems to be beyond the grasp of most British voters.

The fact the Tories are not as far ahead as Gordo's Labour are behind is, possibly, an indicator that some dim awareness that the problem is bigger than parties, could be filtering down into the dusty recesses of the British political psyche. But they still have no idea what to do about it. They've been too indoctrinated into leftism to even have a mental framework to carry concepts like "conservative".

William Rees-Mogg is not the only one who thinks there is nothing whatever to be done about Britain's decline, because all the political parties (yes, including the BNP) are dedicated to the socialistic principles that have caused it.

"It's all that lizard's fault. All we need to do is elect a new lizard. A better lizard."

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