Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey, Gay People!

(as Kathy likes to say,)

this is why no one likes you.

Selon le magazine Têtu (mensuel à destination de la communauté gay), Arthur Vautier organise un "Kiss-in" contre l'homophobie, sur les parvis de Notre Dame de Paris.

Ainsi, ce dimanche 14 février à 14h00, plusieurs dizaines d'homosexuels prévoient de s'embrasser pendant 5 minutes, dans l'objectif de «banaliser ces marques d'affection» et de «dépasser la gêne, tant du coté des homos que du public sur place».

«Nous étions sans doute plus d'une centaine, lors du dernier kiss-in», se réjouit Arthur Vautier, qui appelle également à la participation des couples hétéros, car «c'est aussi à eux de se battre, et c'est aussi à eux de montrer aux autres hétéros qu'ils soutiennent notre action».

Le ras-le-bol des chrétiens

Le blog catholique Cité et Culture n'a pas tardé à réagir, dénonçant une «nouvelle provocation du lobbie gay» et soupçonnant une complicité de la part des médias. Par le biais d'un communiqué, ils en appellent à la responsabilité des chrétiens, afin que «certains groupuscules» ne prennent pas «la mauvaise habitude de venir insulter les chrétiens devant les églises».

Par ailleurs, non sans ironie, le communiqué s'étonne que «les extrémistes de la cause homosexuelle ne se rassemblent pas devant la Grande Mosquée de Paris», quand on considère que c’est en terre islamique que les homosexuels souffrent le plus de la persécution.

Le blog catholique donne rendez-vous ce dimanche à tous les chrétiens, «de façon spontanée ou avec une association», dans le but de «répondre avec fermeté et courtoisie aux provocateurs !».

Does it still surprise anyone that the Church describes homosexuality as a disorder of affective maturity?

Grow up, for Pete sake.

And if there is any doubt left about why the homos sodomites are so obsessed with the Catholic Church:

Strangely, the extremists of the homosexual cause do not gather
at the Grand Mosque of Paris. However, it is in Muslim countries
(where applies Sharia) that homosexuals are executed!
In reality, the initiators of the gathering know they are unlikely
[to experience] anything making fun of Catholics. We read
elsewhere in Tetu, Arthur Vauthier is "not afraid of backlash."

...because the Vatican doesn't issue fatwas.


Warren said...

I wish you would not use pejorative terms like "homo".

If you insist on publically identifying yourself as catholic, consider using clinical language only, and not incendiary terminology.

Can you make whatever point it was you were making without doing that?

Or was spewing bile your only point?


BillyHW said...

Only a homo would say something like that.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Consider starting your own blog if you get the urge to edit.

Warren said...

How sad.


Puckpan said...

Actually Warren - I agree to a point. I don't believe incendiary language is justified or helpful.

But I resent the co-opting of what was once a perfectly good word - gay - to mean something it was not supposed to mean. Homosexual is fine.

Simon Platt said...


I suppose I'm glad Hilary didn't link to the source ... but it seems it's the homos who are saying "homo" (the French ones, at least).

Anonymous said...

This is the gayest argument I have ever seen here. - Karen

Anonymous said...

I too resent how the word "gay" has been co opted by homosexuals and corrupted to mean sad and unnatural sexual behavior. I too am irritated by aggressive homosexuals who keep bashing the Catholic Church.

I fully agree with Hillary Jane's defiant refusal to kow tow to liberal fascist political correctness!

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks

Matthias said...

Actually Hilary warren has his own blog,and whilst i think the term homosexual is probably more apt,i think warren is showing the the fascism that the gay,lesbian,bisexual and transgender activists use ,when he says "consider using clinical language only, and not incendiary terminology." Yes warren will the GLBT be at the Grand Mosque or perhaps giving some biffo to the prototype antichrist Adnem Choudary. i think not,when there is fairer and less retalitory game about like Catholic and Evangelical christians,who you lot can easily make complaints about

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

"refusal to kow tow to liberal fascist political correctness"

No. Basically, I just don't react well to being told what to do in my own house.

So, bugger off now Warren, there's a dear.

Anonymous said...

Wow it's just like old times!


Zach said...

"Clinical"? You mean, like describing a disease? I could go for that...

Matthias said...

"So, bugger off now Warren, there's a dear." Now there's Pommie directness ,good manners and class. an Australianism would be " may you chooks (chickens) turn to emus and knock your dunny( toilet) door down". But then we are the land that has giveN the world the Minogue sisters -there is class for you -NOT.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hilary!

And irritation with liberals for trying to tell you what to do is also a perfectly good reason for refusing to bow down to the Baals and other false gods of decadent liberaism.

Sincerely, Sean M. Brooks