Thursday, February 11, 2010

I hear it's snowing ... somewhere.

The above is a photo of America this morning.


and someone has pointed the government's newest weapon of mass destruction, the Darwin Ray, a massive new secret satellite defence system, right at the snow...

These past few days, the sane people of the region have been dedicating themselves to making sure you do not have to drive anywhere. The federal government has been shut down. Employers have offered telecommuting options. But as roads are plowed and cupboards are bare and cabin fever sets in, cars have begun to appear on the roads again, and many witnesses agree: The idiots are on the loose.

"So this Chevy Suburban," Rudi Reik says. "This Chevy Suburban was driving behind a firetruck," down a narrow Dupont Circle street in the middle of blizzard conditions. Apparently, the driver decided that the official vehicle was not moving fast enough. "He pulled out into the opposing lane of traffic and tried to pass," beaten back only when the fire engine honked wildly. Idiot. was actually illegal to be on the roads if you weren't an emergency vehicle...and yet I just watched someone try to parallel park behind my car. At night. In blizzard conditions.

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PCM said...

Indeed, you were here in a mild window for the MfL in an otherwise rather wintry winter for this area.