Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh crap!

Italy in a nutshell

I'm almost out of booze!

The local supermarket has started selling Lambrusco and it's so good, I have to admit I have been drinking it like pop. (And no, I don't care who knows I like it; I just do... < cough >Greg...< / cough > I can like whatever the hell I want, dammit!)

This is something ever-new and wondrous for a Canuckistani living abroad. In the People's Republic, you can't buy anything alcoholic outside of a government liquor store. The sight of shelves of booze in the supermarket is a great consolation that staves off homesickness. And because it's Italy, it's all cheap-like-borscht. In this country, even the cheap wine is good wine, compared to the awful California plonk you pay 90% tax on in Canadia. It didn't take me long to get into the habit of treating wine like milk, as in: "Damn, I'm short of milk! Gotta go to the store."

Anyway, I was horrified just now to look in my cabinet and discover I'm down to one bottle of Mirto, an untouched bottle of Bushmills that I won at Pub Quiz last year and mickey of vodka I bought to make bay leaf liqueur (which turned out amazing!). This is the most depleted my stock has been since I moved in. Damn you, Christmas Party Season, and all my worthless friends who didn't bring booze to my last two parties.