Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Every day in every way

the pansexualist movement is revealing itself as Nominalist.

"But now you can choose whether to be male, female, or something else—and when the American Psychiatric Association releases their new manual, it will be perfectly normal."

Oxford Shorter English Dictionary:
Nominalism. The view which regards universals or abstract concepts as mere names, without any corresponding realities.

If "gender" is anything we say it is, no wonder the people in the Modernity Matrix are all so miserable. Imagine living in Upsidedownland, a universe where the real is only what we decide it is from moment to moment, where the walls don't have to hold up the ceiling, where up can mean down, where there is no difference between here and there and two opposing things can both be true.

But don't try to imagine it for too long or you might hurt yourself.