Friday, July 09, 2010


Got off the train and it was right there. The Grand Canal, the gondolas, the fancy-schmancy pointed arch windows, the domes, the Gothic churches, the paintings, the stone carvings, the mosaics...


Who knew it was even real?

Can't remember the last time I had this look on my face.

Venetian taxi.


Stone carvings on the Doge's palace.

Ridiculously famous painting in San Zaccaria, called "The Sacred Conversation". Can't remember the painter (and can't be bothered to look it up).

Lit a candle, and asked Him for help. Felt very Catholic for a moment.

Shiniest shops I've ever seen.

St. Mark's

Novus Ordo Tryptich: the "People's altar," the ugly modern candle sticks, the tacky polyester banner. Examples of what our modern Church is offering the world.

The glories of NewChurch at Ss. Giovanni e Paolo.

Venice is the only place I've seen these things look good. Romans like them, but they just don't fit in there.

So that's what I look like when I'm happy!