Wednesday, July 14, 2010



OK, these are absolutely the last Gardone pics I'm going to put up...

Until at least tomorrow...

It's the Gardone Look. I'm sorry I didn't get any pics of the full look, which includes a straw fedora with a black band. It's kind of the Gardone, Roman Forum uniform for men: tan pants, blue or white button shirt, natty leather shoes, tan jacket worn over the shoulders (except at Mass, when you put your arms through the sleeves) and shades.

Thomas of Austria, philosophy professor at Sankt Pölten seminary.

Dale Ahlquist of the Chesterton Society who spent the week speaking almost entirely in a code made up of Chesterton quotes. And was always at the centre of the most fun table at dinner.

Michael Matt, editor of the Remnant newspaper who nearly made prosecco come out my nose a couple of times.

Chris Ferrara, head of the American Catholic Lawyers' Association: a lawyer who knows how to tell a joke is a dangerous creature.