Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Paradise on Lake Garda

I took a few pics yesterday of the town we're staying in.

You know how most Italian towns are a strange combination of gorgeousness and decay...beautiful medieval architecture, charming shrines, lovely gardens, statues...etc...? And you know how all that is marred by the garbage strewn everywhere, graffiti on every surface up to a height of nine feet, plumbing that doesn't work, general mess, disorder and chaos?

Well, imagine a beautiful Italian town...

run by Germans.

Neat. Tidy. Mowed lawns. Cultivated gardens. Cleanliness and toilet paper in every loo.

Who'd have thought?

The Angeli hotel. I'm on the top floor. There's air conditioning. And it WORKS!

Bougainvilia arching over the charming little streets.

That other, orangey trumpet-shaped-flower stuff, also arching over the charming little streets.

Wisteria, past its blooming, also arching over the charming little streets.

The little shrines all over...

This little cat was climbing all over the olive tree next to the terrace on the first night as we were having dinner. No one could get near it. Next morning, as I was walking around the church, I heard meowing from somewhere. It had fallen into a rubbish bin. Later this kid was hauling it around.

Italy's feral cats get a pretty good ride. The ladies feed them.

Happy friar.

Nother happy friar.

Lake Garda

Took a walk down to the lakefront. Must find the swimming place.


So cute.

More later. Busy.