Saturday, April 21, 2012

Of course,

all of this doesn't mean I'm going to have an easy time every time someone says, "Hey Hilary, want some pie?"

Wait. What? You said pie, right? Pie. Like that wonderful crunchy stuff with all the sweet stuff in the middle?

Like, pie, right?




Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen Food Inc I would recommend it. You'll never look at a humble ear of corn in the same light again.


Steve said...

I think pie is the one thing that I'm really going to miss.

Anonymous said...


Home-made baked goods are not junk food. The love added cancels out the sugar hi-lo spasm. There is a paper on this but I can't find the link.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Actually, there are ways around this. I've seen a lot of "primal" recipes for pies and crackers and various things made of nut flour with honey for a sweetener. I might try some if I'm giving a dinner party.

But the main point is not to find ways to have sweets no matter what. It's to teach your palate to love other flavours and to love food the way it is, without extra sweetness. To put away the childish need for everything to be intensely sweet. And it's surprising how quickly your palate changes. I now can't stand to eat the intensely sweet commerially produced stuff like Nutella. I still love gelato, but only have the flavours that aren't too sweet, staying away from chocolate and tiramisu, and going for the nut flavoured ones.

I'm learning that love of sweets is a learned thing, not an instinct, and it can be unlearned.