Thursday, April 05, 2012

My Hair: Chemo-curls!!

Took this this afternoon. It's come along much more than I thought.


Cain't hardly believe it! I've had ruler straight hair all my life, and now curls, curls curls!!!
It won't last forever, but it's a pretty nice consolation prize. The pics don't quite show it, but there are actually little soft ringlets forming behind my ears.

For a long time I was fighting the curlyness by plastering it down with gel and "product". Yesterday I finally gave in and just started fluffing it out.

You'd almost think it was on purpose. 

Come a long ways since it started coming back in in October.

Yep. This was October 5th.

But it's still incredibly slow. My hair used to grow really fast. This was two months growth since the above. Pic taken December 2th.

The trouble is I can't dye it for a year or so. They say not to chemically treat your post-chemo hair for a whole year. 
I never realised how grey it had become. 
Oh well, maybe now people will believe me when I tell them I'm 46.

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Anonymous said...

Use henna, dear. LUSH makes a good black and a good brown. - Karen