Thursday, April 05, 2012

I'm absolutely floored!

A few days ago, a friend emailed me to say that someone she had just met wanted to give her a whack of money to give to me, a donation to help with cancer expenses. I was grateful, but told her to tell this person that for the moment, anyway, expenses for medical bills are covered, by the generosity of you lot in fact, and that I am supposedly more or less finished with cancer. I asked her to relay, however, the fact that I would be very grateful for help in covering the cost of ongoing art classes, if this person were determined to give his money away.

I had expected it to be a few hundred dollars maybe.

My friend was to put it into her bank account and then transfer it into my Paypal.

I heard from my friend today, who did indeed tell the kind donor the good news that as far as cancer goes, I'm out of the woods. The donor said that using the money for art training is just fine.

She asked me to guess how much it was.

"Guess! Guess!"

"A million dollars."

"Nope. Not a million dollars."

"Oh boo. Well then, a jillion dollars."

"Nope, not a jillion either."


"It is 2,500."

"Holy crap on a stick!!!"

"I know. Imagine my face when I opened the envelope.  My hands were shaking.
The first thing I did when I recovered consciousness was stuff it in a bank."

"That's my art classes covered for the rest of the season!"

"Heck yeah!"

"Jumpin jimminy! Who is this person?"

"I can't tell you who she/he is that was the whole reason he/she gave me the $$$."

"Well, it certainly puts an obligation on me. Not to screw up and to keep getting better at drawing and everything."

"Well, that's good. And meanwhile they store up treasure in heaven, so it's all good. I am not sure, but I think this person is so obsessed with anonymity because person really wants every cent to go into that treasure in heaven."

"Well, that I get. Very sensible...but you'd tell me if it were a handsome boy with a big house and lots of money who has a crush on me, right?"

So, whoever you are. Please accept my heartfelt though astonished thanks, and I will pray that God gives you all the treasure in heaven you can carry. 



The Crescat said...

Hopefully you'll return back with your fantastic art posts. I've missed those.

Niall Mor said...

Our brothers and sisters in the African-American churches have a saying that's usually rendered as a kind of call and response. I think it's definitely appropriate here.

The call: God is good!
The response: All the time!

Have a blessed Easter, Miss Hilary.