Sunday, April 15, 2012

When the house you're standing in has disappeared

can you really be said to be "leaving" it?
"We saw where the church was going and decided we could no longer stay in the Church of England and it was about the same sort of time the Pope made the offer of the Ordinariate," he said.

"My wife and I decided the Church of England was no longer where we wanted to be and we joined the Ordinariate for a number of reasons.

"Their [the Church of England's] attitude towards homosexuality and in light of the possible ordination of women as bishops, neither of us can accept that. If it hadn't been for the Catholic church, we would possibly have considered the Orthodox church."

A spokesman for the Diocese of Southwark, said: "Father Minchew and some members of his congregation felt it was right for them to continue their Christian life within the Ordinariate.

"Whilst we regret that we are losing them as Anglicans, we wish them well for their future Christian journey."

I think the last line is sufficient evidence to show that there is nothing left to leave.


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horse radish!

That's the classiest thing they could have done. Agreeing to disagree agreeably.