Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Posting thin lately

Sorry about the dearth of posts lately. As I've said, I've been doing nothing but dashing like a mad thing from house to studio to office, working until bed time and flopping down to start all over again at six the next day. I completely flop on the weekends, not exhausted, exactly, but mentally drained from all the focused activity.

I've taken a bunch of pics of the latest drawing classes. The cast drawing exercise went really well, and portrait is turning out to be a blast. I told Andrea today that I spent the whole class thinking that drawing from the model is making me inexplicably happy. I don't remember when or what has been better. Maybe fencing was this much fun, but only maybe.

I've just really had absolutely no time to do anything but write and draw, and run from home to train to studio to office back to train. I like being busy, and having loads of fun, but I haven't even been able to sweep up the cat hair off the carpet in two weeks. I really think that life would be so much easier with a husband or roommate or something. It would be so great not to have to worry that I forgot to feed the cat and won't be home for 12 hours. I just don't have time to do things like laundry or dusting lately. Awful.

And I've just noticed today that I've been missing the second season of Game of Thrones!

This living alone thing bites. 



Zach said...

Maybe fencing was this much fun, but only maybe.

High praise indeed!


Mark S. Abeln said...

There is something to be said about being busy all of the time — it does wonders for the attitude, despite being too much Martha. And some years ago, I made the decision not to allow myself to be bored. It's wonderful for avoiding certain kinds of trouble.

And I completely agree about living alone. Blah!

Anonymous said...

" would so much easier with a husband..."

Are you kidding??? Being married is the hardest thing I have ever experienced, and I have never been busier, or more exhausted since getting married last year. I have wondered, more that once, whether I made the right decision. It ain't easy.


KRG said...

This sounds like me when I was doing LSN/taking theology classes/training in aikido. I did it for one semester, it felt totally awesome, and then I burned out. Just be ready..

HJW said...

It will only carry on until July when Andrea takes a month off to paint, and then I'll be going to England (at last!) to see the Fam. in August. Hoping to start all over again in September, but will have to wait to see if the money materialises again.

Teresa B. said...

I could send my (just turned teenaged) daughter and teenage son over to keep you company and to do your chores.
Most of the homeschooling books are all self explanatory.
Please ... take them!

Anonymous said...

I've heard about Game of Thrones and it sounds wonderful...except I also heard that it's loaded with unnecessary sex scenes. What is your take? Is it worth it? Or is it just too much, visually?

I'm not a fan of prudery but I also don't like all the excuses for raunchy stuff just because a show is good. What's your opinion?


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Worth it if you like complex plots and interesting characters. The sex scenes are no worse than most HBO, but more abundant than regular TV shows. It's not for children by any means.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

OK, I take it back. Season two has ramped up the unmentionable scenes, I"m afraid.

I wouldn't recommend it if you are sensitive to such things.