Friday, February 03, 2012


Here's what St. Peter's Piazza looks like now

Here's the link to Vatican Radio's webcam.

I woke up this morning after running the heat all night and it was quite chilly. It's not snowing yet out here, but pouring with rain and really cold (for Italy). I'm bundled up in a wooly sweater, scarf and fuzzy hat.

I kept the link to the webcam open this afternoon and with my good Bose speakers plugged into the computer, I've been hearing the rolls of thunder in Rome, the bells chiming and a crow calling. It's made my afternoon very Goth...



BillyHW said...

How often does that happen?

Anonymous said...

Hey, that snow belongs to Pennsylvania. It's 50 here! Give it back!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It snowed in S. Mar last year. Stayed all day. Before that no. But the first year I was here it snowed for ten minutes in the Centro Storico.

Teresa B. said...

Very Goth! LOL!
That snow belongs in Ontario!
Does the tree come down today?

hjw said...

Yep, Papa is a Trad when it comes to Tree-Down Day.

In Italy, the Nativity Scene is the equivalent of our Christmas tree, perhaps even more ubiquitous. Every nook and cranny has one. And the Vatican takes theirs down on the proper day. I took my stuff down yesterday afternoon, and have only now finished collecting up the pine needles.

Mrs McLean said...


(Amusingly, the comment verification word is "biche".)