Monday, February 06, 2012

Province of Lazio declares "state of calamity"

Not making it up. And yes, they brought the army out.

Take THAT Toronto!

Everyone seems to be mad at the mayor, Alemanno.

Rome in the snow.

Romans, playing in the snow.

But Romans really shouldn't complain if all they've got is a little trouble with traffic.

260 die (so far) in record European cold snap.
the poor weather also hit boat passengers, when the ferry Sharden hit a breakwater shortly after setting off from the port of Civitavecchia near Rome on Saturday.

It caused panic among the 262 passengers who feared a repeat of a cruise ship tragedy in the area last month that is thought to have killed 32 people.

Coast guard spokesperson Carnine Albano said the accident, which tore a 25m hole in the ship's side above the waterline, happened after the vessel was buffeted by a violent snow storm from the north-east.

All passengers were evacuated and no injuries reported.

Apparently, 16 people have died in snow-related traffic accidents in Algeria.



Ingemar said...

When I visited the Circus Maximus, I thought it was the lamest thing in Rome.

THEN it decided to snow after I left.

I feel cheated.

Ingemar said...

One more comment. It seems Italians are as clueless as Seattle-ites when there's more than three inches of snow. At least the former benefits from OK public transportation.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

No one expected this. When it snows around here everyone is overjoyed and rushes outside to play in it as fast as they can before it goes.

But it's been snowy, icy, windy and close to freezing for nearly a week, and some of the hill towns in Lazio are in trouble. Those old medieval houses in those towns never ever have heating equipment and the roads are extremely dangerous. They rely on trucks to bring supplies up those impossible hill roads, so now things like fresh food and medical supplies aren't getting to the little towns. Italians moved into these places in the 8th and 9th centuries when the saracens (Muslims) started raiding and it was safe in the hills. But now, it's a real problem.

Lucille said...

Here in the Midwestern US, I was wondering where all the snow was this winter. I guess I know the answer now.

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