Thursday, February 02, 2012

OK everybody,

...with your best high-pitched self-righteous shriek...

"GRAPHIC IMAGES DON'T WORK you evil extremist hater!

...Oh, I'm just so offended"

I remember talking to someone who brought the GAP to Canada. She had been all over the place with the nasty pictures and heard every. single. complaint (and it's funny how the people on "our side" almost always make exactly the same complaint as the pro-aborts...)

She thought she'd heard it all until the day, at some university campus in Arkansas I think, when they got a call from the local pro-life pregnancy care volunteer centre. You know those nice woman-friendly places that are all about the nice snuggly warm feelings you get when you give them a package of diapers once a year so you can say you've done your bit? The ones with all the nice pictures of cuddly babies on the walls...

She was told that the GAPpers were causing them all manner of trouble and would they please knock it off with those pictures, for heaven sake?!

They were getting too many calls you see. All those university kids who had seen the pictures had changed their minds about abortion and, instead of calling the local abortion mill, were calling them and they just weren't used to such a high volume of work and didn't have the manpower for it...

Yep. That actually happened.

You can be pro-life, but for pity sake! Don't be that pro-life. Have some moderation!



Teresa B. said...

I hope that that hasn't happened anywhere else.
That boggles the mind.
But then again I've known people who have helped out at Birthright or who will pray for the unborn but goodness gracious do not show a pictures of aborted babies to them or to young people. They could be scandalized you know!

Anonymous said...

Either abortion is a scandal, a horror, and a mass murder, or it's not. If it is, then there's nothing wrong with showing scandalous, horrific pictures of corpses, because that's what happens with mass murder.

As for the CPC: perhaps next time, the GAP people could tip off area centers in advance, letting them know to expect this, and also set up some sort of "sign up to volunteer with local pregnancy centres" table. As much as it's not appropriate to get mad at people who help to save human lives, the reality is that those groups are underfunded, understaffed, and want to be able to help every woman who walks in the door. When they are flooded with pregnant moms, they simply lack the resources to be able to fulfill their missions, which is non-productive at best and counter-productive at worst. (Anyone really want word getting 'round that CPCs can't help women who walk through the door?! Planned Parenthood will certainly perform abortions on any woman who comes in.)