Friday, January 06, 2012

How not to be a great painter

Someone really needs to sit down with this guy and tell him, "Dude, there can be only one."

Do something different.



Dymphna said...

I didn't mind his John the Baptist but the rest looked like something I imagine I'd find in a Las Vegas hotel or a bath house and his women are hideous.

Claudia said...

From his home page: "Profondamente ispirato da pittori del barocco (in particolare Caravaggio)..."

Mm....not so much.

Caravaggio MIGHT on occasion turn homoerotic. This dude MIGHT on occasion not go for pornography.

Did you ever get the chili powder?

Gregory said...


Anonymous said...

Sickening! He has his mind lost in the gutter.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


yes I did. And I would totally love to have a stack of American Artist magazines.

berenike said...

wot a lot of willies!