Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just had a little follow-up

appointment with the GP this evening, to see how things are going, adjust medication, complain about the weather etc. He called the gynaecologist and got the specifics for the blood tests I need for starting HRT. One of the things I need is a mammogram.

Mammogram huh?

Wouldn't it be funny if...



Sylvia said...

Not really.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago I saw my own GP. PSA undetectable, all systems go. We did, however, discuss "what's next."

As I complete my first half-century in June, he puckishly informed me for a birthday present I get to experience that tickling delight known as a colonoscopy.

So I'm with healthily. Not really.

Teresa B. said...

I've only had it done twice.
The last one was in May.
They did one half and then the computer broke down. They led me out of the room and then I heard banging! LOL! I came back in and it squeezed down on me and it went dead again! They had to rip me apart from the now dead machine and then try again after a few minutes of reloading or whatever.
I told them why not just bash it in on the side like the old tv's when it wasn't working. She said - she tried!

It was a new gazillion $ machine and it was already giving them problems!

Hope it goes better than mine did!

DP said...

No. Not as such.

Anonymous said...

FWIW I have read that mammograms might not be as helpful as they are sometimes made out to be and might perhaps be harmful. Could be worth looking into before you go ahead with anything.