Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Many thanks

to reader Katherine Altham who writes on the little note accompanying my new book,

"Dear Miss White, Your blog has on several occasions been to me a light in the darkness. With wishes for a peaceful Advent and a Christmas of "comfort and joy".

The note was on the paperwork accompanying my shiny new copy of

Lessons in Classical Drawing
; Essential techniques from inside the atelier

Really, I can't say enough how much I appreciate the kindness of my readers who send me nice things and say helpful stuff.

Things are going to develop with me and the Art Thing. I've got a plan, and I'm going to need help from y'all. I know I can count on a lot of intelligent input from my chorus.


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~Katherine~ said...

You are quite welcome; I'm glad it arrived! I'm looking forward to more art posts. :)

Thanks for your work here. I spent the last semester at a rather nutty fine arts grad school (but I repeat myself) and being able to stop in at your blog and get a dose of reality--Catholic, artistic, and otherwise--has been WONDERFUL.

God bless and keep you.