Friday, January 06, 2012

Hands are hard

I've been looking around for things to help with correcting my anatomy studies. Of course, the old masters are the best, but good reproductions can be hard to find in a size suitable for copying (calendars!, but they only come out once a year). This drawing by Leonardo is, in my opinion, the greatest hand study ever done by anyone ever, ever, and his hands are famous for their beauty and the subtlety of the rendering. So much so, that I'm kind of scared to try it, but of course, I'm going to anyway.

I remember having an epiphany (heh) over the value of fashion magazines. Bought a couple once with the idea that there would be lots of body parts in them, and drapery that I could practise on. But as I flipped through them, for the first time paying close attention, I saw that in every single photo, the hands of the impossibly whispy models were doing nothing. No one was holding anything. No one was doing anything. They all just stood there with their hands as empty as their expressions. It really put me off fashion magazines for good. Take a look some time, it's interesting.



Claudia said...

I just bought this lot of magazines from Ebay. If there's anything that sounds promising, you are welcome to them. Just send me an address. One, on the Renaissance specifically, I already have so that's easy. I haven't perused them thoroughly yet (just picked them up from Texas over Christmas because the guy doesn't send to Canada), but will be able to provide more details soon, if you like.

Claudia said...

oops -- forgot the link.