Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Women who don't like women

It's a funny quirk of a certain type of female character that possibly the one thing in life we can't stand is other women. The only women I've ever liked and got on with were women who also don't get on with women.

Kathy Shaidle is one of these, and is quite articulate about why:

We’re always scolded that we should be grateful to our “foremother” feminists who paved the way for us in the workplace, but all most of them did was turn offices into sucky boring swear-free non-stop birthday parties and gossip factories littered with cat pictures.

All they talk about is what they ate for breakfast and what they’re having for lunch and what they’re having for dinner and how fat they are.

Work is their hobby. They pick some crappy paying, easy “career” hoping that they’ll get married anyhow and some man will come along and look after them.

And that sounds good to me! Would it have broken my heart if Arnie was a millionaire and I knew I never had to work in some crappy office again and could just write books in between watching judge shows all day? Hell, no! Most women would love to be housewives. They just can’t admit it.

The ones I like are the ones who admit it.

Someone in the pro-life movement once asked me what I felt about some topic or other "as a woman".

"I don't understand the question."

She looked nonplussed: "Well, you know, this is a woman's issue..."

"It's a straightforward issue of moral law. I have no idea what it means to have an opinion on the moral law 'as a woman'. It's the same for everyone."

She went away after a few minutes, presumably to find someone who would commiserate with her pms or some damn stupid female thing.

A comment from the Forbes article Kathy linked to:

My first encounter with this attitude was when I was a bike messenger. I was making a delivery to an office suite at a prestigious teaching hospital in Philadelphia. Being a young guy at the time, I noticed that there was not a single man in an office of roughly a dozen women. As a (young) woman signed for her package, I asked her if any men worked in the office. She said no, then looked around, leaned in and whispered, “I hate it!”.

I have since worked several jobs in food service, publishing and advertising. Usually for female department heads. I found the experiences unremarkable for the most part, but the women who I worked with sometimes expressed different views. They had grievances ranging from disliking bosses who wanted to be friends as well as employers, (female) coworkers who were passive-aggressive and duplicitous and a general workplace where feelings had to constantly be taken into account, frequently before professional goals.



Anonymous said...

I like women! I like being a housewife! I like not working! I like hiring other women to do my housework! It is pretty great being me. - Karen

Anonymous said...

Yes! Your article reminded me of the term that author Florence King used for bubble-headed, passive-aggressive, etc. women -- she dubbed them "malkins."

I LOVE doing housework, and I like working with men. My most enjoyable jobs were those where most of my co-workers were men. I always got along better with men and with the women who were known as the dragon ladies, probably because deep down, they felt the same way about malkins as I do.

Great article!

Jeff Culbreath said...

Generally speaking women should prefer female company and men should prefer male company. If you're not like that, it's not the end of the world but there's something wrong with you.

I wonder - do you also find this disorder among Italians or is it another one of those anglophone diseases?

Anonymous said...

i have found that women who don't like women are consistently mal-adjusted. there usually lies a personality with a strong envy streak. therefore, it is hard for them to be around their own sex. i have seen this type of female to be very manipulative.

they need the attention of men who would like to sleep with them but are 'friends'. my female friends are awesome, very interesting people, from all walks of life.

my friends don't talk about getting fat, and the latest gossip. they talk about the wind-turbine they built with their students, or the huge lobster they caught in their traps, or a great philosophical debate, or early childhood development.

to use the argument that an all-female environment is not as attractive as a mixed environment, and therefore being around women is terrible is moronic. men will tell you that being in an all-male environment can be improved by having women around. it's about balance.

i really find that women who hate women just hate themselves, and it has now become a huge red flag for me when i hear a woman say make that statment. she might as well be wearing a sandwhich board that says " i'm massively insecure!!" stay away from these types!!!! mature, well-adjusted, secure women do not make such statements

Goth61 said...

Mal-adjusted what a load of twaddle, it comes down to lacking in one simple thing, women who don't like women simply are not interested in the two faced bitchy thing, so much for you being "well-adjusted"