Monday, March 07, 2011

What, already?

So, it's Lent again this week. As we all know, my birthday is always in Lent, no matter when it starts, so I am offering my annual Birthday Dispensation. Anyone who comes to my birthday party, Saturday, March 19, and maintains proximity to me within 50 yards, will be included in the annual Hilary's Birthday Dispensation Bubble.

We're also going to start festivitating after 3 pm, so it's after Vespers and is therefore liturgical Sunday...

("Festivitating" - I just made that up. Good isn't it?)

Email me to find out whether you are invited and how to get there. There will be barbequed meats, wine and lots of lovely things. I'm going to make soup.

(To all our Eastern Rite friends, have a nice happy penitential Lent, and I hope you enjoy your daily handful of gravel.)



Fr. T. said...

Perhaps you should devise an e-bubble, say for those who send electronic greetings, so that instead of salivating from afar we could festivitate with you.

Kerry Ann said...

Fortunately, your birthday falls on the feast of St. Joseph... which is an actual dispensation in some parts!

Happy Birthday!

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

It's the 15th.

Which is Assassination Day!

Apt, some might say.

Sue Sims said...

Mine's the 18th, and we're celebrating on the 19th (hey, would YOU want to celebrate on a day when you're moderating GCSE English coursework with your department?), so you'll be in my (hic) prayers. ('Hic' in both Latin and English senses.)

Since becoming a Catholic, I can't help feeling just a tad peeved that those born on the 17th March get St Patrick and the 19th-March babies have St Joseph...and I'm stuck with St Cyril of Jerusalem. Just my mazel.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Look up the 15th. Nothing. Nada. Not a sausage.

John said...

Handful of gravel?
Dag nabit!
When i was a kid we'd consider ourselves LUCKY to get a pebble or two for lunch! today...