Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beat to quarters

Starting to feel the fightyness coming back...



Anonymous said...

Do you want to see a guillotine in Piccadilly?


Do you want to call that raggedy-arse Napoleon your king?


Do you want your children to sing the Marseilles?


Miss White, starboard battery!

Glad to hear it, Hilary. My Guinness will taste good tonight.

Martial Artist said...

One of my favorite movies from one of my favorite authors, disappointing only in that they opted not to make it into a series. You continue in my prayers and those of my wife (even though she doesn't read any blogs). I am encouraged that it has raised your spirits.

I pray that our Lord will make his presence known to you every moment of every day, and fill you with his grace and heavenly benediction.

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer

Mike said...

One of my favourite memories: seeing this movie at the Bloor Theatre with you and John Muggeridge.

Dave said...

Russell Crowe has a lot of good moments like these.

"Don't these people know when they're conquered?"

"Would you, Quintus?"

Keep it up, love.

Seraphic said...

Can't see the video (blocked by workplace, weep weep) but glad to read of the fightiness.