Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giant Forehead smack!

I TOTALLY forgot about Earth Hour.


I was all ready to douse a tree in gasoline and set it on fire and everything.

Italians don't really do environmentalism. It's kind of an Anglo obsession. Italians are too busy having a great time buying new cell phones to go along with the cynical, self-loathing luddism we so love to indulge in. Or maybe it's just that they aren't yet "sophisticated" enough to start feigning hatred for the wealth, comforts and conveniences we Anglos love to complain about. It's not that long since Italy was basically an agrarian peasant society, so, you know, they're still having fun with all this cool new digital stuff and aren't yet cool enough themselves to pretend they hate it.

Blazing Cat Fur reports that the PC festival of white/western self-loathing is starting to pale a bit, even close to its sources in Tranna.

I wonder how much "earth" was saved by Japan not having basically any electricity, indoor plumbing or infrastructure these days. Someone, maybe Obama, should send them a little thank you note for their contribution to saving the environment by sleeping outdoors in plastic shelters in March and eating tinned food scrounged from the wreckage of their homes, cooked over campfires made of the debris of civilisation.

A model for us all...

Update: Dang, I see Ezra has already made that point.

Mine was funnier though.


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