Thursday, April 01, 2010

Some random pics

No, I'm really not into doing any "serious" blogging (as if that idea weren't just plain stupid), I'm really just fooling around with my toys because I've finished work early today and ought to be bustling around the place cleaning up and putting laundry on and don't really feel like it.

Winnie sleeping in. When I first went in to make the bed, I didn't see her there. All I could spot was her little nose sticking out.

Remember I mentioned the frogs I see in the evenings when I'm walking home?
These are the big ones. Later in the season, there are these cute little brown ones hopping all over the place. Then after a while, they all disappear. Nature is mysterious. (Sorry about the fuzzyness. I just can't seem to get a good close-up with this camera.)

This is the Atelier Canova, where I am studying classical drawing techniques. No, those aren't my drawings.

This is Frank the Dog, who loves to have his picture taken.

This is my easel. As you can see, nothing there yet but dots. It's a bit like drawing a map. You start with a series of painstakingly measured dots, and then sort of connect them up.

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Andrew Cusack said...

Is that Diefenbaker the husky from 'Due South'?