Friday, April 23, 2010

Best Hate Mail I've Ever Had

Got this today from a young lady who is researching brain death criteria and organ transplants for a high school project.

--- On Thu, 4/22/10, [Name Redacted] wrote:

From: _______ _____
Subject: Inaccuracy
To: me
Received: Thursday, April 22, 2010, 10:18 PM

I do not know if this website is serious about what it does, I do not know if it is a joke or rumours or what it is.

My concern is a story that a "hilary white" had wrote about a very stupid woman who claimed her son was taken and his organ were taken without her permission and he was still alive and they just did that to him.

I did research on this and I found no lawsuit, no complaints, and the only article about this event was Hilary White's.

Organ donation is a concern for our country and the United States, and if a 16 year old girl like me knows to grow up and stop spreading rumours about this serious topic, then your dimwitted roman reporter should know as well.

The stuff she wrote in her article was wrong. Firstly, the definition of brain dead. If your stupid writer wants to know the definition, this is the website to go to:

Ask stupid to read it.

In the article, she will also find the real process to this sad yet life-saving process.

Now, whether you reply back to this is not my concern. I am doing "organ donation" for my research project in highschool and I find this article appauling and completely disrespectful. The point is, I know you read this, so I'm content. If you would like to reply back for an appology or if you would like to send me some HARD CORE FACTS about this "event" then by all means.

To sum it up. Stop spreading stupid lies.

-A concerned 16 year old who is intelligent to know reality from stupid.

Dimwitted replies,

Dear Miss _____,

Perhaps you could send me the link to the LifeSite story to which you are referring below, and we could discuss the matter. I would love to help you develop a balanced understanding of this issue.

Stupid Rome Reporter


BillyHW said...

An appt and aprauppriate response.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Thank you William. We Stupids have to stick together.

Anonymous said...

I liked the tone of your response. Well done. -Dave Kellow :)

df said...

It two is intelligent to know reality from stupid. So explain me dimwit!