Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy BirthEarth-day Lenin!

Yep, "Earth Day" is indeed a communist plot.

One of the smaller ones, admittedly.

Today, the so-called "environmental movement" he helped spawn has devolved from a gaggle of unwashed adolescent peaceniks into a slick cadre of leftists, lobbyists and lawyers. The result of this devolution has been an enormous hidden tax on American products and services -- more than a trillion dollars last year -- in the form of runaway environmental regulation.
Actually, I've seen the left in Rome, and they're still pretty much a bunch of unwashed, unshaven adolescent peaceniks who can join the manifestazione at two pm on a Wednesday because none of them have jobs.

So, in the name of monarcy, hierarchy, patriarchy and generally of Christian civilization,

burn down a tree today.

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