Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruskin II

Ruskin's study of his study. Looks like the perfect life to me...

Went briefly mad yesterday. On the way back from the class, I went into Feltrinelli's while I was waiting for the bus, and in their fairly substantial art section, found a copy of Ruskin's Elements of Drawing in Italian, and bought it.

Then I bought a dictionary.

I managed to get through a few sentences on the train home and it wasn't so hard. In some bits, I could get the general gist just by concentrating.

Gotta learn Italian somehow. Might as well be slow and painful.


found a website that has lots of Ruskin's works in easy-to-read "English" format.

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hyoomik said...

Ruskin's Elements of Drawing in its completeness is on google books, 274 scanned pages, with illustrations of course.
7.2 megs of bytes