Sunday, September 30, 2012

More to the point

is that it is not "white English people" the Labour Party, and the left in general, discriminate against, it is white men. If you're a woman, you can claim yourself to be part of a persecuted officially recognised Victim Group, no matter what colour you are.

It was revealed last year that Avon and Somerset Constab-ulary rejected 186 applications from white men on the grounds that they were already “over-represented” in the force. In the same way, London Mayor Ken Livingstone last month refused to endorse a series of nominations for the London Fire Authority because they were dominated by whites.

And whole towns are beginning to suffer state disapproval. Eighty administrative jobs in the Prison Service have recently been transferred from Corby in Northamptonshire to Leicester because, as the Home Office admitted, Corby’s population is predominantly “white British”, a terrible sin in our multicultural society.

It is a bitter irony that the Labour Government, which works itself into such a synthetic rage over racial prejudice, should practise overt discrimination on an epic scale. The remorseless focus on supporting minorities has led to a perverted ideology of anti-white racism. 

Identity politics, another name for a shakedown. I remember another version of it. They used to call it "consciousness raising," but another word for it is "grievance-mongering." My mother became addicted to it, so I saw it up close and ugly in all its whining, snivelling, morally infantilising glory.