Monday, September 03, 2012

Ateliers, painters, writers and teachers about art, the world and The Real

Camie Davis - no longer posting or teaching, but lots of great pics at her site. Studied at the Grand Central Academy, she is into something called "classical narrative painting" which is that old Academic style of painting scenes from famous mythical or biblical stories. V. big in the 19th century.

The mind of James Howard Kunstler - an interesting thinker who believes, oddly, that beauty is better than ugliness and that old stuff is better than new stuff. He also paints a bit.

Helen Frost - Metadrawer Many videos and pictures of her drawing and an especially good anatomy section, particularly on how to get started when you're feeling overwhelmed.

An interview with Juliette Aristides, the Seattle instructor and author of the Classical Drawing Atelier and Lessons in Classical Drawing, which are becoming the standard beginning texts. And her studio has a blog.

Artbooklook - A multipurpose blog about classical realist and representational art books.

David Clayton - an Englishman who studied at the Florence Academy and has a great paying gig teaching art Thomas More College of Liberal Arts and painting icons. He's a very friendly fellow who helped put me in touch with some local painters and instructors when I was looking for a place to study a few years ago.

A romantic at heart, the lovely watercolours of Jean William Hanoteau.

Hein Academy blog.



Ingemar said...

Took a click at both your links for Kunstler. The moment I read that he is one of those energy-skeptical "agrarian" types I just knew that he was a pseudoconservative wolf-in-sheep's-clothing that crunchy conservatives would fall for.

I was right.

He criticizes Republicans for a failure in manliness. I agree-for different reasons. To him, their failure in manliness is from not standing up for libruhl causes. To me, their failure in manliness is not having the stones to tell the Demoncraps to eat shit and die.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...


Don't care about 'merican politics.