Friday, September 21, 2012

Oooo, so pretty!

A Pinch of Salt Home, seems to have some lovely bedding and kitchen things.

I wonder, though, what is with this odd habit that many advertisers have of juxtaposing these lovely things with these oddly post-apocalyptic settings.

I mean, what? Embroidered duvet covers for homeless people squatting in abandoned buildings? Is that really the visual message you want?

I realise it's a habit of advertisers now to contrast pretty things in these kinds of dilapidated settings, that people think it's chic and helps to avoid being too "twee". But isn't it just another instance of the media world disparaging the good and the beautiful? Being embarrassed by it and having to shove a load of "irony" in there to make it acceptable to cynical hipsters? From an artistic viewpoint, I can see the value in a sharp contrast between the rough, unfinished surfaces and surroundings to highlight the pretty, polished, embroidered doodads. But I think it's possible to take it a bit far and it can come out faintly schizophrenic.

I'll take my beauty without irony, thanks.

And maybe I'll do a little embroidery.



a Christopher said...

As it happens, in some places, converted factories and warehouses are among some of the most-contested habitations for new rich people. Not that I can say why, nor whether they usually leave the finishings to look like old factories...

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Oh, I can tell you why. Because if you are a painter, you actually need that sort of space. You need loads of room and north-facing light, and former factories and warehouses are good for this because they are, traditionally, cheap and well-lit.

That painters need these things for practical reasons means that those attributes have become associated with Artist-Chic and are sought after by yuppies who wish to look cool and hip and Arty without actually having to do any work.

Of course, what happens then, is the presence of the yuppies (do people still call them that?) and talentless hipsters drives the rents up in the neighbourhood and drives the actual artists out.

Irony strikes again.

a Christopher said...

Well, the upshot is that these pretty things are, in a sense, being displayed in their intended natural habitat.

Pinch of Salt said...

Dear Hilary,

We are very happy to hear that you like our products.
For us the photography was inspired by the beauty of what we are surrounded by daily. We are very lucky and have a beautiful building which we have to our use. Yes we did want to create a contrast and definitely didn't want to come across too "twee" as we are trying to establish a unique brand, all our product are designed in house, including all fabrics. Suggestions and inspiration to for future photo-shoots are most definitely welcome.

with warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Have a look here please:

At your service since 2001 ;-)!