Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey! someone stole my wishlist!!

I've found another artist I long to be when I grow up.

Sarah Simblet. She teaches drawing at Oxford's Ruskin school and has produced several books for artists, including the Sketch Book book, Botany for Artists and an anatomy book. The last one I'm not too sure about, since it seems to be one of those anatomy books that is very heavy on the photos. I prefer drawings.

But the botany book looks very exciting. Not so much a book on botanical illustration but an actual study of plants with her drawings, which are beautiful.

But to my great annoyance, it seems as if Amazon and Blogger are no longer on speaking terms. I had a Wishlist posted to the sidebar, and have been very grateful to have received several books from generous and helpful readers from it. But I had a note last night from a friend in England asking where it went. I didn't notice, but it seems as if Blogger just took it off. V. annnoying! I tried to put it back up, but the thingy says there isn't one. Grrr...


I am leaning more and more towards botanical and nature illustration. I know that the world needs more classical realist art, and that the Church is in desperate need of a revival of sacred art. But I can't help it, I just like bugs and flowers.

I did one of the geckoes last night in my leather book, and he turned out beautifully.


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